Declan Hopkins

software & game developer

July 18th, 2020


As the ship sails forth, you take one last look back at the mainland - your home. It's likely that you will never see it again, but work is work. As the sea air embraces you, you glance once more at the crumpled parchment in your hand.

ADVENTURERS WANTED! The crown requests any prospective adventurer be on the next ship to Antorum Isle. Payment upon arrival and on a per-contract basis. Seek the guildmaster in Wytham.

You stash the parchment, and make yourself comfortable on deck. You have a long trip ahead of you.

Antorum Online is a multiplayer online RPG where players adventure across Antorum Isle, encountering strange foes and completing quests for denizens to help bring order back to the land. Players build their characters by training skills and acquiring better gear. Other activities include foraging, fishing, and cooking.

The game server is authoritative and written in Rust, while the client is written in Unity/C#. This client is moddable, and the server is self-hostable. The game data can be modified with a text editor, and entire new worlds can be built in the Antorum Editor. The protocol is documented, so you can write your own game client (or server!) if you want to. This is where I write about the game and recent developments.

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